How Does TYCO's Course Packet Service Work for Professors and TAs?

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  • The Professor or TA brings material to be included in the course packet to TYCO, or you can take advantage of our free pick-up and delivery service.

  • TYCO prepares the submitted materials in a course packet format per your instructions at no charge.

  • One copy of the course packet is issued to each professor and TA at no charge.

  • The course packet is placed on file under the professor's name for student ordering.

  • Students can come into TYCO to order the course packet, or they can use our new online ordering system.

  • Students pay in advance and can pick-up their course packet either the same-day or the following day depending on time submitted and when in the semester it's orderd. Arrangements for faster completion times can always be made and, for larger classes, we often pre-print packets for students to pick-up immediately upon payment.

  • Professors and TA's are issued a 20% Discount Card that can be applied toward our print & copy services throughout the semester and students are also given a 10% Discount Card that can be applied to our print & copy services throughout the semester.

  • Download the Course Packet Forms (opens new window)