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There are a variety of binding methods can can be used for combining separate pages into a finished document. The type of binding may be limited by the paper size and number of pages to be bound. The images below illustrate some of the more popular binding methods used in the printing industry. If you have questions about these or other binding methods, use Contact Us in the menu above.

spiral binding

Perfect for workbooks and other documents that need to lay flat when open, spiral (or comb) binding is a cost-effective binding method. We offer spiral/comb binding solutions in a wide range of colors and sizes and can help you find the perfect fit for your document.

*Please note that we also offer Coil Binding which is sometimes referred to as "spiral binding" and different than what is described in this section. Please contact us with any questions on the differences.

coil binding

Coil binding is a great way to pull together the pages of your report, workbook or other documents. Durable enough for mailing, it comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes, and is a cost effective way to add that professional touch. We offer a complete range of coil binding solutions and can help you find the perfect fit for your document.

velo binding

A type of binding frequently used in the printing or copying of thicker documents such as books or manuscripts, Velo binding is both strong and cost-effective. While an excellent binding option for its durability and permanence, Velo binding does not allow a document to lay flat when open, something to keep in mind when printing a workbook or other document that needs to lay flat.

wire binding

The double loop style of wire binding provides a highly effective and affordable binding option for a wide range of document types. From 2:1 pitch for larger sized documents to 3:1 pitch for smaller sized documents, and even Spiral-O wire, our binding experts will select the best wire binding method for your job. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate on your binding needs.

tape binding

Tape binding provides a strong, simple and cost-effective solution for low-volume binding needs. It requires no holes to be punched, provides a clean, professional appearance and allows the bound document to lay flat when open. Our binding tape comes in a wide range colors, and depending on the requirements of your job can be applied with pressure-sensitive or heat-activated adhesive. Contact us today for more details.

perfect binding

Most commonly associated with paperback books, perfect binding utilizes a flexible adhesive to attach a paper cover to the spine of an assembled document. It is a simple, effective and affordable way of binding reports, manuals, brochures and other documents that may not see a longer use cycle. An attractive advantage of perfect binding is that the cover and spine can be printed in full color, providing the opportunity for additional branding and design work. Contact us today and find out if perfect binding is the perfect solution for your print job.

stitch binding

Saddle stitching is an excellent binding solution for small booklets and other printed volumes having a relatively small number of pages. Using our specially designed saddle stitching equipment, our binding experts will staple together the pages of your volume along the gutter of the folds, creating a bind that is both sturdy and highly cost-effective.

handcover binding

Hard Cover Stitched Binding. This type of binding is the traditional type of hard cover binding found in hard cover book and dissertations. There are no limitations on the dimensions or the colors for the covers and foil stamping is available on both the cover and spine.

Hardcover Channel Binding. This type of hard cover binding is faster and more economical choice for binding documents with a hard cover. Channel Binding is a mechanical binding system that uses a metal U-channel built into a one piece pre-made cover. With this type of binding, you are limited to an 8.5" x 11" document, are limited on choices of color for the cover, and cannot foil stamp onto the cover or spine (although a label or "jacket" is still an option).

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